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Mitsubishi Corporation China Co., Ltd
Mitsubishi companies are Japan's industry leaders in several sectors, including marine transport, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering, waste treatment plants, satellites, defense contracting, glass, petrochemicals, oil products, beer, property and casualty insurance, and warehousing, among others. The companies also are traditional leaders in philanthropic support for technological, educational, cultural, and social causes through foundations and direct funding. The independence of the Mitsubishicompanies makes the "Mitsubishi Group" all but impossible to define meaningfully. A convenient definition is the membership of the Mitsubishi Kinyokai, or Friday Club. That group comprises presidents and chairmen of 30 Mitsubishi companies. They meet informally for lunch on the second Friday of each month. A broader definition is the membership of the Mitsubishi Public Affairs Committe. That organization has 45 members, including several subsidiaries of Kinyokai companies.
The Tokyo Electric Power Company Incorporated (TEPCO), having its principle place of business in Tokyo , is an integrated utility generating, transmitting and distributing electricity. TEPCO was established in 1951 and has been stably supplying electric power to the Tokyo metropolitan area for more than 50 years. It is the largest Electric Power Company in Japan .

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