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Management of CCEC summaries the company strategy as follows:

•  Maintain the dominance as the leading company to provide advisory services and brokerage services for large CDM projects in China , especially in power sector;

•  Become the first mover in the sector of natural gas power generation with the established partnership with CNOOC G&P. The emission reductions from gas power projects usually are huge. One of those projects CCEC is working on can result an annual CO2e of more than 3 Mt;

•  Exploiting the well-maintained relationship with Chinese power grid companies to promote emission reduction of SF6 gas, the worst GHG with a global warming potential of 23,900 times that of coal but is commonly used as an insulator in electrical transmission and distribution grids. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), ?SF6 emissions from electrical equipments are the largest global source category of SF6 emissions?. CECC staff has started to promote SF6 recycling and leak reduction system in State Grid Corporation and China Southern Grid Corporation, both are Global Fortune 500 companies. CCEC reasonable expects new SF6 reduction projects to be implemented in 2007 can considerable improve its profitability after 2008.

•  With reinforced cash position mainly from projects delivering CERs, CCEC will directly purchase carbon credits of smaller CDM projects to form a carbon portfolio at competitive price. The extensive network of CCEC in both buyers and sellers most likely to deliver high profitability with limited risks with the new carbon portfolio management business;

•  CCEC even looks further to post non-Appendix B period of China , which will eventually take the responsibility of emission reduction. The only on-line CDM transaction platform in China it is managing may be built into a major emission commodities exchange in Asia after continuous efforts of CCEC staff.

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