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Business Structure


CCEC is conducting its activities through a series of partnership arrangements with CERs producers, brokers, buyers, DOEs and leveraging its well maintained relationship with DNA of China.

CCEC takes out the whole management team and staff from the Chinese leading emissions broker and services company, Beijing Changjiang River International Holding ( CRIH ) , which is left as merely a shell company abided by a series of exclusive agreements to subcontract all jobs relating to all of its CDM projects, both existing and future, to CCEC. CCEC will proceed with providing services independently for future CDM projects and pursuing other emission businesses unless otherwise requested by clients.

CCEC and its partner CRIH, have established long-term cooperation with world's leading Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) including Bureau Veritas Quality International Holding S.A. (BVQI Holding S.A.), and TV NORD CERT GmbH (RWTUV), to facilitate their project validation and verification of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) in China . Project owners are depending on professional services of CCEC throughout the entire contracted life span of the project.

CCEC and its partner CRIH , has established relationship with major Chinese power producers, who are also contributing to most of GHG reductions under CDM. Some of those power producers in partnership with CCEC for CDM project implementation are Global Fortune 500 companies, e.g. State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Corporation . Other partners of CCEC on emission sell side include GD Power Development Co. Ltd. , China Yangtze Power Co. Ltd. , and CNOOC Gas & Power Ltd.

Large active CER buyers, including Mitsui & Co. and Tokyo Electric Power Company , have established a strong emission trading network for Chinese CDM projects in connection with CCEC and its partner CRIH .


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