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Business Scope

CCEC's Carbon Brokerage division offers tailor-made solutions to clients wishing to develop projects in the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). CCEC's Advisory services range from additionality evaluation and baseline calculation to project approval from the host country. CCEC accompanies its client's CDM project through all of the steps needed to reach final registration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). CCEC's engineering team carefully and professionally develops Project Design Documents (PDDs) and follows up with Designated Operational Entities (DOE) in partnership with CCEC in order to achieve a final validated document. Once registered, CCEC also accompanies the client's project through the monitoring and verification process.

Advisory Service & Brokerage CCEC's advisory services are coupled with its financial expertise and market knowledge to assist clients with their Carbon Credit transactions. In this role, CCEC supports client projects through the verification stage, as well as assists the client with the Carbon Credits Transactions to ensure competitive prices with reliable buyers. CCEC's Advisory Service and Brokerage offer is remunerated in kind, with a negotiated percentage of Carbon Credits generated by the project.

CCEC's expertise in the transaction of Carbon Credits enables it to identify reliable buyers willing to purchase at competitive prices through valid and internationally-recognized contractual schemes. CCEC's Brokerage offer is remunerated in kind, with a negotiated percentage of Carbon Credits generated by the project. •  I dentifying Buyers interested in purchasing all or a part of the Certified Emission Reductions generated by the project. •  F acilitating the exchange of information between the project developers (i.e. Sellers) and prospective Buyers with regards to the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase CERs. •  A dvising Sellers on the best overall Bid(s) for the sale and purchase of CERs.
•  S upporting Sellers in concluding an ERPA with suitable Buyers.

Purchasing & Carbon Portfolio Management
CCEC is to maintain its own carbon portfolio and actively seeks to purchase Kyoto-compliant carbon credits from Clean Development Mechanism projects in China at competitive prices. And its growing project database provides good opportunities for CCEC to have another division to act as a carbon fund when its cash position allows so.

Commodities Exchange & Information Center CCEC has an extensive on-line presence in , the only on-line transaction platform of environmental commodities in China under CCEC's management. The website facilitates information exchanges for all related parties in CDM project development and acts as a portal for government authorities & international entities to acknowledge the public latest regulations and laws on CDM. CCEC intends to build an exchange of emission commodities from the on-line platform because Chinese industries may become as important on buy side as it is now on sell side if China is bond by emission reduction obligations in the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol.



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